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Welcome to the documentation section of EDICG, where you can learn about our software integration services.

EDI LINK seamlessly captures data and integrates it directly into the accounting system.

EDI LINK provides the bridge between EDI and the accounting system. EDI LINK generates sales orders from your received purchase orders. EDI LINK automatically converts your invoice into an electronic document that is available for transmission back to your trading partner. Manual entry of EDI information is eliminated along with possible errors and wasted labor.


EDI LINK is capable of performing all transaction sets regardless of the EDI standard in use. All transaction sets are interfaced with the accounting system to reduce data entry requirements. Other accounting software is available on request. Our team of EDI specialist can also provide custom programming to ensure the best fit.


PDF-to-EDI capability provides an efficient, cost-effective way to trade electronically with your business partners, regardless of their size. While many larger business partners are already EDI-capable, many small businesses do not have the technical expertise or resources to participate in an e-business program.


EDI Communication Services (VAN)

EDI Communication Service is the low cost value-added network (VAN) service alternative to traditional VANs.

If your B2B requirements have outgrown your infrastructure, or you simply want guaranteed delivery of your electronic business transactions, EDI Consulting Group, LLC is the answer.

EDI Communication Service provides guaranteed delivery of business-critical documents with end-to-end audits and controls, data archiving and 24/7 global customer support. Designed to serve a wide range of B2B integration requirements, EDI Communication Service can help you:

  • Manage high and rapidly growing data volumes

  • Perform any-to-any data translation - We support XML, all forms of EDI including X12 and EDIFACT, as well as industry-specific and proprietary formats

  • Respond quickly to customer requirements - We support multiple protocols so you don't have to

  • Build trading communities and expand your B2B global operations - We can help you recruit partners and other Value-Added Networks, (VANs), and Internet gateways and exchanges

You can rely on EDI Communication Service to perform reliably in high-volume environments and across complex supply chains. Improve customer relations with faster, more accurate deliveries. Participate easily in customer-driven B2B initiatives. And recruit and enable business partners twice as fast, at half the cost.

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